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Pokemart Drawing Tutorial ♡

A lot of people have asked me to do a drawing tutorial, so I figured it was finally time to actually do it. This is just how I draw and colour, of course everyone has different techniques. There are also a lot of marker tutorials on Deviant Art, so if you're interested I recommend looking there too. I've tried to be as detailed as possible so there are a lot of steps for such a small drawing! Let me know if you have any questions or want to see any images larger - I know they're small, but there are a lot so I didn't want to make them too big.

♥ 60 lb cardstock (found at any office supply store, ie Staples)
Any random pencil + eraser
Sakura Micron pen, 01 thickness (you can find these in a lot of places in tons of thickness - Michaels has them, I got mine from my university bookstore)
Prismacolour markers (from Michaels - I have around 30 colours, I bought a 24 set and a few extras)
White Prismacolour pencil (most art supply stores carry these - I got mine from Michaels)


The first thing I do before I start drawing is find one or more reference pictures to make sure I get all of the details right. Then I do a really rough sketch to find a pose and proportions I like - sometimes I do more than one, but here I was happy enough with this.

After I'm happy with the proportions of my drawing, I go over the rough sketch and make it a little more refined. I'm going to erase all of this pencil later, so I try to to press to hard - but I tend to have a heavy hand when I draw, so it's not perfect. But that's okay. c:

I then take my Sakura Micon pen and go over my finished sketch. Then you can erase your pencil lines.

Still using the micron pen, I go back and add some weight to the lines by going over areas that should be shaded. This is a small step but it makes a HUGE difference! Make your lines thicker when an area is shadowed - for example, I added so weight to the lines below his arms, and where his tail connects to his body. Don't do too much though. I also added a thick black line around the edge with my black Prismacolour marker - I just do this to give me a bit of wiggle room when I cut my drawings out.


I then chose the base colours I'm going to use. I was pretty happy with the colours I had here (at least, I was here!) but sometimes if I don't have the right shade, I can get it by layering two markers over each other. I only have about 30 markers, yet I've never had any problems with getting a close enough colour because they're easy to layer.

Then I do my base colours... I usually use the chisel tip for this, even when doing a small area. I find I can get a thinner line with it, plus most of my small tips are dried out because Prismacolour markers distribute their ink unevenly. So you should always try to use the thicker end when possible.

Here's the drawing with the rest of the base colours done! You can see his feet, tail, and ears are a bit blotchy - this particular marker is dying so it's hard to get it to run evenly now. I really need to replace my markers - as you can see, they're really old and dirty!

After I finished the base colours, I decided the darker blue I used was too purple after all. So I took the light blue colour I used for his main body, and went over the feet/ears/tail. This made then a colour I was happy with! These markers are easily layered so you can experiment to get the exact colour you want. As long as you're not putting a really light colour over something really dark, you won't ruin your marker tips.

Time to start shading! I always start with the same marker I used for my base colour, and go over the areas that should be shaded several times until I get the colour dark enough for my liking. Using the same colour makes things look more subtle - if you want more dramatic shadows you can go darker, but I like how this looks.

Of course, just doing the layered base colours looks too flat, so I then take a slightly darker colour and go over the darkest areas. You can see that I didn't go over the whole part that I shaded in the last step, only a bit - this makes it look more natural and blended.

Then I did basically the same thing on his dark blue parts. Since I used two colours for the base here, I chose the darker one to start the shading.

Just like before, I went over the darkest areas with a darker colour.

I didn't think the blue colour I used in the previous step blended enough with the base colour, so I took the second base colour I used (the lighter blue, the same one I used for the body) and went over the dark blue colour. This blended everything together and make it look less harsh.

I finished the shading on his shell and nose in the same way - base colour, then a darker colour.

For whites, I use the lightest tan that I have to shade, because it looks warmer than using grey. Also, I don't have a light enough grey marker, lolol.

Just like before, I then add some depth with a slightly darker colour. This particular marker is dying (as are many of my markers, haha), so it's very faint, but it does make a difference.

To finish off the drawing, I use a white pencil to lightly highlight areas where light falls. I don't press very hard to get a soft, natural effect. It's subtle but I really think this makes all the difference in the final product!

And that's it! I hope this tutorial was helpful for you. If you use it to draw something, please show me what you make! And again, don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading! ♥ Sorry the spacing in this post is sort of messed up but... I give up on trying to make it work properly. :|
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