lani ♔♔ (laniii) wrote,
lani ♔♔

friends only.
comment to be added.
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Hey Lani, thanks for adding me. ^^;; Very Very nice banner also.
Hi! It's Kayt, from mahougirlstills, and I'm checking in with you to see if still want to be a banner-maker. If not, that's fine, but we're updating the community and need to get a new banner rotation up.
I don't think so, I don't really have time. Sorry~
This is Lune. I got another graphics journal (this is it =P), it was having the same problem as my old lj. (my entries wouldn't show on friends' friends pages.) Add me?

<3 <3
I saw your post of your Pullip colour bars in pullips and I LOVED them! You're really talented, so I was wondering if you do things at request? I'd pay if necessary ^^! See, I'm not so skilled in Photoshop, but I want a banner for a raffle I am planning to hold this winter for items from my site, Joa's Stuff! My website,, has all the details! I hope you will consider, thank you for your time ♥~!
Oh, and I added you. You take such wonderful Pullips pictures and your customs are...*o*~!


11 years ago


11 years ago

Choco from MMF.
May I add you?
I'll add you back, sorry it took me so long to reply. D:
Found you through the friending meme on pullips.

Adding. :D
Yay, adding back!

The Pullip Blog Crew is now closed!

At this time, the Pullip Blog Crew is closed and will be wiped of its members. Please remove your stamp from your user information or PullipStyle signature. We will be re-opening sometime next week so please look out for advertisements! You will have to reclaim your stamp as the blog crew will be refreshed, so you may end up with another stamp altogether. We are doing this as we had a lot of people creating multiple names to snag more stamps, people using their dolly journal to snag a second stamp, inactive people who did not even use Livejournal anymore, people joining who did not even really know/care about Pullips but just joined for the sake of snagging a stamp for something, and such situations.

We really hope you can understand. Please keep checking back at my Livejournal, PullipStyle, or pullips for updates & advertisements as to when the blog crew is going to be up again. I hope by wiping the blog crew that this resolves a lot of the old issues. Remember: Please be fair to others!

Thank you so much for understanding and sorry about the convenience! :)

♥ Rachel Renee
(Wintryabyss @ PS, moderator @ pullips & pullip_rating)
Add moi? =0
Fo' shizzle.
This is Inku from MMF. I've seen you around the forums, and I want to get to know you. Add me?
Sure, I'll add you back now. =)
Peria here ♥ Add me back plz?
Whoa, I thought I added you! My mistake, sorry, since I do remember comment on your friends only post. XD Adding now~ *headdesk*
Hey Laniiii~!!!
I'm starman from TDAF!
umumummmm just wanted to let you know that I friended you? =D
I absolutely ADORE your photos. *3* I'm not very familiar with pullips but guhhhhhhh yours are ohsofashionable andand, I would love to see more of them!!! >w
I shall friend you back! I love having dorrie friends~~ =D

And thank youuuuuuu! ♥
*comment* ^^;
Where do I know you from?


10 years ago


10 years ago

I saw you on uneetoile's journal and we seem to have similar intrests (Doll hobby, AIR, Kanon and Arina Tanemura's work)

Add me? :D
Sure thing, I love doll friends! =)
It's Lune. New account again. :] Friend?
Of course~
Hi There!

Would love to be added to your friend list! :)

I am also interested in emailing you regarding your commission! If you find a minute! ;)
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