lani ♔♔ (laniii) wrote,
lani ♔♔

friends only.
comment to be added.
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Your banner looks like a magazine cover~ ^^

(You shouldn't have deleted your entries~ they would have made a nice resource for your own autobiography XD)
Thank you!

Ehh, I had to delete my old entries since some of my real life friends started getting LJs. I'll have to be careful about what I write now. XD
Hi Lani it's Jody. Can I friend you? [s]because I want to stalk your lj.[/s] :OO

(BTW, your friends only banner is cute.)
Yes, of course~ I added you as well. And thanks!
Hey Lani! It's me Crystal-chan from CMM! Add me? I'm going to add you.^^
Okay, I added you. =)
'Lo, it's Jake from the Pretty Witch Fora. Err, blah, I'm no good at asking for things, let alone asking someone to add me onto a friend's list, so I'll leave that decision entirely up to you.
Sure. You have Kanon buttons on your journal. And Kanon has pretty art. I added you. O.o;

Deleted comment

Sure, I'll add you. =3
Hi Lani, It's Ikamashi/Jessie/Me, can I add you? ^^;

Cute banner, by the way. x3


August 26 2005, 21:51:39 UTC 12 years ago

Sure, of course! =3 I'll add you back right away.


12 years ago

can you add me? :3 its Mew Gemini of course. =D
Okay, I added you! =3
Shizz, I didn't add you, what the fuck was my problem? o____O; Wah ha, added now.

(My LJ looks fucked up right now since I'm trying to get it to be compatible with IE.)
=O I didn't add you either! *slaps self* Oh well! I just added you as well.

Your LJ looks pretty even though it's semi-fucked up XD Well... I can see that it's gonig to be very pretty when it's finished! =3 I wish i could do overrides XD
Hey, Lani~ It's Kurayami from MMF. Mind if I add you? ^^;

( Pretty banner, by the way. <3 )
Sure! I'll add you back right away.
Ne, this is Saica. ^^; May I add you?
Sure. I shall add you as well. I love your icon, by the way!
Add me, ho. xD
Okay. =D
Hi Lani. I don't you, but can you add me? I love the icons you make! *o*
Okay, I'll add you. I know some of the people on your friends list... so... *shrug*
Hey I know you from the the Ginban Kaleidoscope community. We actually have quite a bit in common so I thought to add you. Look at my info my link to all the manga i've read on my info page if you want. Yes, i'm a clarinet player too ^_^.
Sure, I'll add you now. =) You sound nice. And clarinet players are fun!
Hello. This is Blackberry from MMF. Mind if I add you? :3
Sure, I'll add you back. <3
Hey. Do you mind if I add you?
Go ahead. I'll add you as well. =)
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