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Hello there! Since your Akuroku fanmix entry is f-locked, I wanted to ask if you could give me the names of the songs and artists you used? I once had your fanmix, and I really like it, and I'd love to collect all the songs again.

Thank you ♥
Sure~ I locked them because the links were dead. I actually have two... not sure which one you want so I'll give you both!

o1. broken social scene - feel good lost
o2. umbrellas - ships
o3. the dears - you and i are a gang of losers
o4. amy millan - skinny boy
o5. cary brothers - blue eyes
o6. emily haines - our hell
o7. broken social scene - fire eye'd boy *
o8. cat power - up and gone
o9. coldplay - the scientist
10. death cab for cutie - i will follow you into the dark
11. the strokes - what ever happened?
12. the radio dept. - i don't like it like thisg
13. stars - your ex-lover is dead

o1. the cure - plainsong
o2. the dears - we can have it
o3. azure ray - beautiful things can come from the dark
o4. the bird and the bee - spark
o5. broken social scene - lover's spit
o6. neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplane over the sea
o7. bloc party - ion square
o8. bright eyes - no one would riot for less
o9. broken social scene - ibi dreams of pavement (a better day)
10. stars - one more night (your ex-lover remains dead)
11. amy millan - bruised ghosts
12. the weakerthans - left and leaving
13. regina spektor - the flowers
14. yeah yeah yeahs - runaway
15. metric - satellite mind
16. stars - why i want to save you


7 years ago

Hiya, hope you don't mind me adding you? ^^;; I found you on DoA I'm Sushiicecream over there!
Okay, I'll add you back~ =)
I don't really know if this introduction is enough, but I'm from Philippines and I'm a huge fan of pokemon ever since I'm in 1st Grade (Lol, I just graduated Highschool, so...image how long I've been a fan of them cute lil pokemons. ♥). I'm one of your latest followers in your tumblr account as well and I've been hoping if you could add me on your lj account, pretty please? *puppy eyes*

I hope we could be good friends here! Take care! :)
Sure, I added you! thanks for following me on tumblr too~ =)

Deleted comment

aww thank you! ♥ I'll add you now~
Oh hai. Lauren says hi. Sups. :o
HAYYYYY. /adds

Hello! (:
My name is Tsubasa♪ and I lovee pokemons ♥
just add you! hope its ok~
Hi Lani, It's Eileen from TDF~
Yayyy, hi Eileen!! ♥ /adds
heyyyy its Gen~ we met at the meetup this past weekend ^^
awesome, I added you! &hearts :3
You're super sweet and super cute.
Let's be frans!
Aww you guys are too nice! Adding now! n__n
Ohai it's a Sarah :3 I know you from TDF and we met yesterday in Oxford or something <3

Deleted comment

Of course! I'll add you back now! :3
lani lani lani lani add dis bitch
yesssssss omg ilu~
added you! ♡
Hi! This is Shawn of Atari (Nsashaell) on TDF. Mind if I add you? :)
Not at all, I added you back! :)
Hey Lani! This is Molly, from TDF> <:
i added youuu~
Hey! I hope you don't mind me adding you. I'm a clarinet player as well and love Pokemon. :) I just followed you on tumblr so I figured I'd try to add you here as well. Thanks!
Not at all! I don't update my LJ much anymore but I added you back :)
Hey, this is Molly from TDF! Hope you don't mind if I add you as a friend? :)
I added you back! :)
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