lani ♔♔ (laniii) wrote,
lani ♔♔

friends only.
comment to be added.
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ohay, Lani~
This is Choco from MMF. I made this new journal awhile ago and thought I added you, but omg, I missed you? :'D I fail so hard.

Lawlz, sorry, sorry. I shall add you now, if that's okay with you~
Hiiii~ =D I'll add you back! ♥

Deleted comment

For sure!! Adding back right nowww~
Heyo Lani~ Add me? 8'D

[Yukari from MMF]
Hi~ I'll add you!! I love your icon~


9 years ago

Hey it's Jacquie n_n
Add me~
Hiii~ Of course I'll add you now~ =)
Remember me? lol. Sho's last, Theatre Reunion, WWRY Canon closing? haha! :D
Anna! Of course I remember you, haha. I didn't know you had LJ! *adds at the speed of liiiiight*
Hii ^_^
We same to have a lot of the same interests
And I love your gossip girl banner n_n

Sure, added~
Hey! :) It's Carousel from TDAF, hope you don't mind if I add you?

(I keep looking at Pullips although I really shouldn't. Kiiiiirshe. ; O; I'm predicting another dollie hobby in the horizon. /headdesk)
Hi! For sure, I'll add you back now. =D

Collecting different types of dolls at the same time is dangerous... :'D


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago

Hey! I was approved over a year ago at goodanimeicons and never found out how to accept invites. However, I learned a couple days ago. Is there any way I can be given posting access, or do I need to post another application? Thanks for your time!

But~~~~ while I was heading over here, I stopped to read your userinfo. I do believe you and I are musical soulmates! ♥ Friend me.. please?
oh shi- I totally forgot about that community, oh man. o__o WORST MOD EVER, HOLLA. I'll approve you now bb, sorry about that~

I added you! =)


8 years ago

We both go to the University. Hence we're going to be friends, kk bb?
Hahah sounds good!
aaaaaaaad me to you LJ!! <3 ((it's iules from TDAF))
Ack, sorry! I thought I did! You're added now~ ♥
hihi! This is andrea ;D add?
Hey, of course!! =)
Hey, its the curly-haired pale one down the hall. Friend,pwease?
for sure!
Hiya guess who. hehe Just to let you know I'll be adding you.
Hey Fran! I'll add you back!


8 years ago

i love your pokemon magnets! i friended you!
thanks, I'll add you back =)
Just saw your icons over at pokemon and followed it back here to your lj. Hope you don't mind me adding you :)
sure, np! looks like we have lots in common~ (Staaars ♥)


8 years ago

May I please be added?
I'm a fan of your Soony : ]
I'm MVIII on DoA
yeah, for sure! thank you! o3o
HI. So I kind of was poked (pun not-entirely-intended) into adding you from your recent post that appeared on the pokemart feed? :D I am usually a creepy lurker kind of person, but I love pokemon, I love your drawings of them, and if I had money to spare I'd cover my fridge in your magnets. OH, AND I WAS ACTUALLY ALERTED TO YOUR AWESOME POKEMON DRAWINGS/MAGNETS FROM little_garcon PIMPING THEM OUT.

PS. And I like/own bjds too. :D"

PPS. I don't know if I should be adding you first and seeing if you'll tolerate my crazy enough to add me back, or letting you add me at your own discretion, so I'll just leave this comment here!

Oh snap I just realized that I did not link to the pokemart feed properly in the above comment. Whoops. /o\

PS. I forgot to mention that my name is Twiggy. D:


8 years ago


8 years ago

..Saw your Pokemon drawings, fell in love. :]
aww thanks!! Adding back~ =)

Deleted comment

Hi! Sure! =)

Friends? We can share our Britney love together.
I'm Morrgan, btw.
Hi! Yessss Britney love friends are the best, I'll add you now! ♥

Deleted comment

For sure, best fraaaaaan! ♥

Deleted comment

Sure! I love having doll friends~
Hi there, I found your link from Tumblr and thought I'd ask for an add. I just graduated as an art history major and saw that's what you're studying too!
Sure, I love your tumblr! And whoa whoa whoa, I also want to be a librarian, I think we must be twins~
hellooo, i left a message in your Hogsmeade friending meme. :D
I was wondering if I could add you? I'm lilepo over on tumblr! I've bought some of your amazing magnets and we've talked before :D
Yayyyy, definitely!! =D adding at the speed of liiight~
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