lani ♔♔ (laniii) wrote,
lani ♔♔

friends only.
comment to be added.
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Your banner looks like a magazine cover~ ^^

(You shouldn't have deleted your entries~ they would have made a nice resource for your own autobiography XD)
Thank you!

Ehh, I had to delete my old entries since some of my real life friends started getting LJs. I'll have to be careful about what I write now. XD
Hi Lani it's Jody. Can I friend you? [s]because I want to stalk your lj.[/s] :OO

(BTW, your friends only banner is cute.)
Yes, of course~ I added you as well. And thanks!
Hey Lani! It's me Crystal-chan from CMM! Add me? I'm going to add you.^^
Okay, I added you. =)
'Lo, it's Jake from the Pretty Witch Fora. Err, blah, I'm no good at asking for things, let alone asking someone to add me onto a friend's list, so I'll leave that decision entirely up to you.
Sure. You have Kanon buttons on your journal. And Kanon has pretty art. I added you. O.o;

Deleted comment

Sure, I'll add you. =3
Hi Lani, It's Ikamashi/Jessie/Me, can I add you? ^^;

Cute banner, by the way. x3


August 26 2005, 21:51:39 UTC 12 years ago

Sure, of course! =3 I'll add you back right away.


12 years ago

can you add me? :3 its Mew Gemini of course. =D
Okay, I added you! =3
Shizz, I didn't add you, what the fuck was my problem? o____O; Wah ha, added now.

(My LJ looks fucked up right now since I'm trying to get it to be compatible with IE.)
=O I didn't add you either! *slaps self* Oh well! I just added you as well.

Your LJ looks pretty even though it's semi-fucked up XD Well... I can see that it's gonig to be very pretty when it's finished! =3 I wish i could do overrides XD
Hey, Lani~ It's Kurayami from MMF. Mind if I add you? ^^;

( Pretty banner, by the way. <3 )
Sure! I'll add you back right away.
Ne, this is Saica. ^^; May I add you?
Sure. I shall add you as well. I love your icon, by the way!
Add me, ho. xD
Okay. =D
Hi Lani. I don't you, but can you add me? I love the icons you make! *o*
Okay, I'll add you. I know some of the people on your friends list... so... *shrug*
Hey I know you from the the Ginban Kaleidoscope community. We actually have quite a bit in common so I thought to add you. Look at my info my link to all the manga i've read on my info page if you want. Yes, i'm a clarinet player too ^_^.
Sure, I'll add you now. =) You sound nice. And clarinet players are fun!
Hello. This is Blackberry from MMF. Mind if I add you? :3
Sure, I'll add you back. <3
Hey. Do you mind if I add you?
Go ahead. I'll add you as well. =)
This is Miri at her new journal.
Hey, this is Celechan from 1000th summer forum. ^^; Mind if I add you?

(Pssst. Sweet avatar. Now that you made me think of Wicked, I have Unadulterated Loathing playing over and over in my mind D: )
Kaaaaaaay. Added you back.

Wicked > life.
hi ~ lain
it's Elsa,may i add you??
Where do I know you from? Are you Elsa from school? Cause... it doesn't look like it from your LJ... O__o;
yuko here X3 love your icons
I already added you! <3
Your icons ROCK!!!! And I LOVE your banner!!! Add me???
Thanks. Sure, I'll add you, I've seen you post around at LJ communities. You're from Toronto, right? =)


11 years ago


11 years ago

I'm from the Rent LJ community. We went to the same show at the Elgin (on Tuesday) and we have the same pic for our friends banners, lol. I am a super Renthead/Harry Potter nerd and I loved the babysitter's club too, hahah. Add me?
I actually went on Friday and Sunday (today!) but whatever. Same cast. Yes, sure, I'll add you now. New RENT friends are fun~


11 years ago

Hi, I'm one of the mods at the LJ community, icons100.

I wanted to make sure that you were aware that the subject that you were waiting for on the Wait List ( ), "Rent: Mark Cohen" has been given up/completed and you are now the "owner" of that claim for the next 10 weeks. Please be aware that you must post some icons within 2 weeks for your claim to not be forfeited.

You can view your claim listing here:

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you.
This is Carrie/Caroline from Mewmewforums. =D
I've added you onto my friends list, if that's okay with you.
Sure, I'll add you back. =)
Hello! =) This is Peria from MMF. May I please add you?
Of course, I'll add you back~
hey... my name is valerie... im a huge rent fan also :)

add me?
Of course, RENT fans are always fun to add! =)
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